Welcome to elane, the FWF's electronic application portal!

The portal allows applicants to submit funding applications to the FWF in electronic form. Please note that elane is currently only available for the FWF funding categories listed as 'Available funding programs'. The FWF plans to add support for electronic applications in other funding categories in the future.

If you do not have an elane user name and password, please take a moment to register.

The submission for certain funding categories is conducted by the research institutions. The coordinators are required to prepare and upload the research proposal for these programmes here as well. Once the research proposal has been assigned to the research institution, the latter will be notified accordingly and can start the submission process.

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Available funding programs:

  • Principal Investigator Projects - PAT
  • International Programs - I
  • Schrödinger-Programm - J
  • International Programs - PIN
  • International Programs – draft proposal - PIK
  • ESPRIT Programme (“Early Stage Programme: Research, Innovation and Training”) - ESP
  • - TCS
  • Anbahnung Joint Seminar - AJS
  • Dienstleistungen - DL
  • Wissenschaftskommunikations-Programm - WKP
  • Book Publication - PUB
  • Digital Publication - PUD
  • Konzeptphase SFB - G
  • Programme Clinical Research - KLP
  • Richter-Programm (inkl. Richter-PEEK) - RIC
  • PEEK - ART
  • doc.fund - DOC
  • Konzepte Forschungsgruppen - KFG
  • 1000 Ideas Programm - TAI
  • ScientScientific/Academic Journal - PUZ
  • ConnectingMinds Workshop - CMW
  • doc.funds.connect - DFH
  • Referierte Publikationen - PUR
  • Emerging Fields - EFP